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I draw, therefore I'm ham.
People that make the sun shine brighter (but are not responsible for Global Warming)
Asker pixel-panda Asks:
nope, not digital, just gouache :) also, thanks!
jenesaiswha jenesaiswha Said:

Ahhh, it looks great! Thanks

Already miss staring at relaxed people. #beachsketches

Love birds. Love ‘em love ‘em love ‘em. Invest way too much time into luring them to my window.

Failed Book Pitches


Excerpt from the unauthorized Chris Christie visual biography I definitely did not publish last month.

What’s it like to drive a cab in the Polar Vortex?

Got a drawing in L Magazine!

Polar Vortex, Pax,…

These would all make great Marvel characters. Or Park Slope names for children?

This is from early 2013, prior to Weinergate 2: Redux. 
Specifically, I drew it right after reading that mesmerizingly weird profile New York Times mag did on him and Huma Abedin.

Hó hó!!


Today is the Unofficial Three Queens Day.

Friday morning the East Coast was well aware of what the top news story was: SNOW + DANTE DE BLASIO + SHOVEL

On WNYC it did sound like de Blasio was offering his son up for various minor chores.

Actually even the Daily Mail thought this was important, likely on account of their intense snow-envy. England, don’t you have stuff to do?  Some corgis to take out for a walk? A monarchy to overthrow? 

I’m kidding. The Daily Mail isn’t part of England. It’s part of the Independent State of Hysteria.

Welcome to… AAAAGHRRAAAAAH&$*@!!!!… The Hystery Channel

I don’t understand tablets.

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